Welcome to the month of July, I wish you God’s blessings as you proceed with the different hustles you’ve been engaged in the past months. I hope you sincerely guard yourself from all things that steal your peace of mind ! #MentalHealthIsImportant and Use this month to; Acquire new knowledge and skills. Check on those […]

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The fear of begining.

The fear of begining says ; I am still young , I haven’t harnessed enough wealth /capital. It makes one believe ; my uncle , my brother – all my relatives had their chance of opportunities, mine will surely come. The fear of begining; Relies on unprogressive advice. Sets unreasonable targets. Compares the incomparables. The […]

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The pain of Caregivers

I wake up at 4am , before I shower or bathe , I must start to prepare breakfast for my boss and his family because he’s leaving at 7am. I wash the nights utensils. I prepare some “chai mukalu” as I cook some tasty katogo because as you know , Tata Fay doesn’t like bread. […]

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To the man who first loved me!

Before I got to know all about God and all. I met my father 😊 He’s one jolly man whose sense of humour will leave a lasting impression on you . I celebrate the man who first loved me!#FatherofOnlyGirls. You’ve done a great job in nurturing three responsible women. My primary school was a walkable […]

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Journeying towards inner peace.

There’s no purpose in life greater than achieving inner peace with oneself. With regards to relationships, career or spirituality we all want a certain degree of serenity. A certain harmony between what we are pursuing and with ourselves. Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite […]

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I’ve decided to stick with love!

Many of us struggle with anger , hate and unforgiveness until we finally develop lifestyle diseases that lead us to an early death. Before you develop some or while you deal with them, I’ll talk share with you some of my escapades with unforgiveness and anger. Sometime back, I struggled with forgiveness. In that phase […]

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The politics of “good hair”

We live in a generation where if our African hair is not straightened or covered with a wig or weave , It’s simply not good enough. The only good hair is that which is straight . That which all black female socialites and celebrities wear . Natural african hair is a very unfashionable idea. Many […]

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