Midnight thoughts !

And just like that I say “I love you.The more I find reason to unlove you, the deeper the roots of my love go.” Just like this am choosing to express how I feel! I want to love so much that I don’t know any other other feeling. I want to be present in the […]

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Let’s talk Vulnerability.

A happy new month to you , as you engage with this blog. September was an entire rollercoaster ride , I know October is going to be beautiful. Today I share about vulnerability, a topic so close to my heart that it never leaves my mind. Vulnerability simply means being open to attack or damage. […]

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Why I love love

From my relationship with the self , with my family ,friends and acquaintances. This is why I love love 😁 I love love because love is a force . A powerful tool that when used well can make a person and when used badly destroy. I love love because it doesn’t operate on principal of […]

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Unsung heroes.

My sentiments today paused on the fact that there are people who do so much for us that no form of appreciation measures up to the sacrifice they’ve made. Those people actually exist..and yet sometimes we are too busy to notice or we are occupied feeding our egos . In my senior five, I was […]

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Let’s talk suicide!

When I was in my senior one , there was a girl named Pamela (not real names ). As compared to us Pam was tall, her skin glowed with lots of melanin ( what ordinarily would be called dark skin) she was a size 12 or more. By “standards” she didn’t fit in as the […]

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COVID-19 realities

Following a blog I wrote a while back as part of the #UGBlogmonth challenge , with the ease of the lockdown restrictions, I’ve been able to start my research on the impact of COVID-19 on depression. I can say that at least 1 in 3 persons are dealing with depression and this figure is gradually […]

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Dear August

The last quarter of the year has been quite a ride . Hihi it’s been beautiful, it’s been sad, it’s been love, it’s been disappointment ,it’s been achievement, and all the other feelings that normal people go through. July has been kind to me . I’ve met new friends, rekindled old flames and most importantly […]

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I’ve always heard people say or said Corruption is like a “cancer to our society.” Today, I internalised the impact of this six lettered word. According to Wikipedia, Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. All this just sounds […]

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